Why a Crash Diet is a super bad idea!

The theory behind weight loss is very simple, and we have repeated the basics on this blog dozens of times. If you eat more than you consume, you will arrive; if you eat less, you lose weight. Very simple, right? Unfortunately, many people draw the following conclusion from this simple rule: the less I eat, the harder I waste!

In other words: they are starting a so-called crash diet . Seems very logical, but there are quite a few large adders here under the grass. After all, with such a crash diet you do not get the tight body that you hope for … Why that is so, and what works, we will explain below:

crash diet is a super bad idea

What is a crash diet?

In short, a crash diet is a diet that consumes extremely few calories . There is no ‘official’ limit, but often it is immediately clear that you are dealing with a crash diet. With everything below 1500 calories you can at least assume that it is simply not enough. However, some diets prescribe bizarre amounts such as 500 calories per day !

A crash diet indeed ensures that your weight ‘crashes’: for a while you fall off like mad. And that is no wonder, because you are actually starving yourself! Your body therefore has no other chance than the burning of tissue in order to obtain sufficient energy .

Fat loss vs. weight loss

In the short term, a crash diet really works: you become a lot lighter. The problem is, as mentioned, that there are still some comments to be made about this … A first problem is that not all weight loss also has to be direct fat loss . After all, your body can also burn other types of tissue. And that is indeed what often happens when you start a crash diet!

Of course, you lose some fat. A large part of that first, explosive weight loss, however, is mainly moisture loss. The fastest source of reserve energy for your body consists of glycogen : carbohydrates that are stored in moisture. As you eliminate that supply , you lose pounds without actually burning fat.

Loss of muscle tissue

Well, you might say, but if you maintain that crash diet long enough, will that fat go on naturally? Unfortunately, that is also disappointing. When you have gone through your glycogen, there is another energy source: your muscles . That muscle tissue is affected at least as hard as your fat stores during a crash diet.

You might become a little thinner, but a good layer of fat remains under your skin. This way you will not get stuck in your skin. In addition, your body uses fewer muscles and also uses less energy. So you will have to eat even less to keep losing weight.

Bad for your mood!

A final problem with crash diets is that there is little chance that you will last. The reason is very simple: your body knows that you are doing something unusual. Not only do you not get enough energy, it is also generally poor with nutrients. You just eat too little to get all the vitamins and minerals you need.

That means that your body will give ever stronger signals just to eat again. Huge hunger attacks and binge eating are the order of the day during a crash diet. Even if you do not admit it, you will feel terrible. All those shortages are also deadly for your mood and energy level.

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Infection with Genital warts

Every year, 25,000 people infected with Genital warts or the HPV virus. This is good for a second place on the list of most common STDs in the World. In some cases, the warts are located inside the body, allowing them to multiply and expand unnoticed. Genital warts can spread to clusters, which in most cases have to be removed by one or more operations. The warts are extremely contagious!

What are genital warts?

genital warts

Genital warts are similar to common warts, but these warts are very contagious through sexual contact and are located on / in the genitals and anus.

The warts are harmless for the rest of the health, but can be very persistent. They can quickly grow into bunches and sometimes multiply at lightning speed. The warts are caused by a virus, which is almost always transmitted through sexual contact. This virus is available in many variants, including HPV type 6, 11 and 18.

However, the disease can also be transmitted in another way, for example by a towel or washcloth that has been used by an infected person. The disease can also be transmitted via the tiolet. In the bowel movement it is possible that the anus infects the genitals or vice versa. Genital warts are usually found in, on and around the genitals, the anus and (exceptionally) in the mouth.

Symptoms in men and women

Genital warts only develop for a few weeks or even more than a year after infection with the virus. In women, the warts are mainly on and / or round the labia, in the vagina and on the cervix. In men on and / or around the penis. In both women and men, the warts can also be found in and around the anus. It often starts with small warts that look totally innocent. Yet they grow and multiply at lightning speed. They do not hurt, but can itch or irritate. In women, the symptoms can get worse during menstruation or pregnancy. It is possible that you have genital warts without knowing it yourself. Sometimes the warts are located in places that you can not see yourself or in women, for example, only internally. In some cases the warts disappear again,

Possible consequences for men and women

Genital warts can spread quickly and are very contagious. That is why a quick treatment is also very important. If you wait too long with a treatment, the duration of treatment will also become longer. The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) that causes the warts is available in different types. Some types can be treated quickly, other types are associated with cervical cancer. The types that cause the warts are benign and therefore do not cause cancer. (This is a big misunderstanding!)

By no means everyone who gets infected with the virus does indeed suffer from warts. Depending on the necessary treatment and the duration of the treatment, it is possible that the sex part will have scars. Furthermore, the disease or virus has no serious consequences.

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Lose weight with garlic

Eating garlic may give you a bad breath, but it has many positive qualities. Lose weight with garlic is therefore very well conceivable and the garlic may not be missing in a healthy diet. How can you lose weight with garlic and what do you have to pay attention to when processing this in your dishes?

Can you lose weight with garlic? Hell yes! Garlic contains substances that make it easier to lose weight. Garlic contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E. There is also iron, calcium, carbohydrates and fiber. Garlic contains allicin and this helps with weight loss. With garlic you will burn excess fat more quickly, it will also improve your metabolism and excess fluid will disappear from your body more quickly. It is known that garlic also causes a bad breath, but it also has many positive qualities and therefore it should not be lacking in a diet. People who want to lose weight do well to eat garlic regularly. Due to all these positive attributes, we can also do a garlic superfood call

Other positive attributes

Apart from being able to lose weight with garlic, garlic has even more positive qualities. This way it can help against osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain. It also helps very well against muscle pain and will lower your cholesterol level.

How do you eat garlic?

You can eat garlic in many different ways. Do you want to lose weight with garlic? Then add it to the meat or sauces. You can cut a clove of garlic or use a garlic press. Garlic is used in many recipes. You can also choose both fresh and dried garlic. Fresh garlic is usually more powerful in taste.

How much garlic do you eat?

You do not have to exaggerate with eating garlic at all. If you want to lose weight with garlic, you have to eat the garlic in moderation anyway. A clove of garlic a day could be enough. It is not necessary to eat garlic every day, but add it regularly to your diet.

A panacea?

If you want to lose weight, garlic can be a very good tool, but it is not a panacea. It is therefore advisable not to exaggerate with the amount of garlic you eat. This is not necessary and also causes bad breath. This is what you want to prevent. One or two cloves of garlic in a dish is more than sufficient and already ensures a positive effect when you want to lose weight. Do not exaggerate and alternate with what you eat.

Healthy lifestyle

You can lose weight with garlic, but it is also important to live healthy. Eat healthy and opt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add to that any healthy snacks anyway, so you have less appetite quickly. Good food is the basis for losing weight. There are many products that are healthy and tasty. In addition to healthy eating, sufficient exercise is also necessary. Care for at least half an hour of exercise per day and choose a sport that you can easily keep full. Losing weight does not mean strict dieting, but adjusting your lifestyle.

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AGEs: what are they and how do they affect our health?

Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs, are toxic end products that arise when proteins (or fats) sacrifice. There are clear indications that a large amount of AGEs has harmful effects on our health. Which factors influence the formation of AGEs, what can they cause in our body and what can we do to limit this as much as possible?

What are AGEs?

AGEs is an abbreviation for Advanced Glycation End Products. This term was devised by scientist Dr. Helen Vlassara, who has been researching this for years (1). AGEs are complex compounds between sugars and proteins. They are end products of a chemical reaction between sugars and amino acids. This reaction occurs during the heating of foodstuffs (also at low temperatures) and is called the Maillard reaction (2,3). The proteins are thereby saccharified and irreparably damaged. These sugar-protein compounds ensure a substantial formation of free radicals (harmful substances that can damage cells and DNA). Greases can also be sugared, resulting in the same harmful effects. In that case, the end products are called Advanced Lipoxation End Products (ALEs) (4).

AGEs-rich diet

AGEs naturally occur in our diet. They are almost everywhere, but meat, fish, dairy and nuts contain the highest concentrations of AGEs (4). A certain amount of AGEs is not dangerous, this can easily break down a healthy body. AGEs arise even in our own body, as a by-product of metabolism (4). But long-term research by Helen Vlassara has shown that a large amount of AGEs is harmful to our health and is associated with a variety of health problems and diseases (1). In 2014 she published a book on this subject, entitled ‘the Anti-AGE diet’.

The size for AGEs

The amount of AGEs in a food is expressed in KE (kilo units). The Vlassara study showed that our body can break 8,000 KE per day without problems (4). Anything above it can lead to health problems. For comparison: a banana contains 9 KE AGEs per 100 grams, a pizza point contains over 8,000 KE and a double cheeseburger no less than 18,000 KE AGEs! (4, 5)

Formation of AGEs

There are factors that significantly increase the number of AGEs in our diet. This has to do with the way of editing and preparing. For example, AGEs are deliberately formed in foods to make them more attractive and tasty. They provide the smell, taste and also the appearance of (prepared) food. Think of the brown crust of bread, the crunchiness of cookies, the crispy layer of chips and fries, or the brown edges of roasted meat (4, 6).

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What are good bread substitutes?

More and more people eat less bread or even try to get rid of it. That can be a very healthy choice, but often it is a matter of puzzling to think about what you will eat as a substitute for bread !

Moreover, it is important to remember that bread does indeed produce healthy substances. You will have to get it from somewhere else now. Do you eat less bread and wonder what the best bread substitutes are? Then we have a few delicious and healthy suggestions for you today!

Why not bread?

Bread is certainly not always an unhealthy choice, let’s put that first. When you choose bread for wholemeal bread, preferably organic , it can be a part of a healthy diet , especially if you do not eat too much. Why do many people choose to delete it from their diet?

First of all, it is a quick way to significantly reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet if you want to start eating relatively more proteins and fats . In addition, many people are hypersensitive to wheat: for example, they get a bloated stomach or an irritated skin. Do you recognize these complaints? Less agree with bread and see what effect this has on your body.

Healthy bread substitutes

When you want to replace bread with other foods, it is important to know what is actually all about useful substances in bread. After all, it is the intention that you can get those nutrients from elsewhere in the future!

Wholemeal bread provides especially useful fiber that ensures that your blood sugar remains stable. The advice is to get about 30-40 grams of fiber daily. Fibers are found in fruits and vegetables , legumes , but also in chia seeds and linseed .

In addition, bread contains various B vitamins and some important materials, such as sodium , iodine , potassium and iron . Finally, there is folic acid , which keeps your blood healthy and is especially important for pregnant women. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of folic acid , when you eat less bread, it is wise to at least eat enough of it.

Other cereals

A relatively simple way to keep fibers and minerals in is by switching to other grains that you may be less sensitive to. Other types of bread such as rye bread and spelled bread can be an option, but pay attention to the ingredients: often a large part of the product still consists of wheat, because that is a cheaper option.

You can also choose oatmeal , a very suitable bread substitute, or brinta that also contains a lot of fiber. Note: if you specifically eat less bread to get less carbohydrates, these alternatives are not a very good choice. All cereals still contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Soups and salads

Bread substitutes that are very suitable for lunch are meals that mainly consist of vegetables . In addition, salads and soups are especially useful. They are quick to prepare and easy to take to for example work or college. Vegetables deliver a lot of fiber, which you, as said, desperately need when you eat less bread.

In addition, the dark green leafy vegetables are actually vitamin and mineral bombs, and in fact all vegetables produce even more healthy substances than bread would. Add, for example, legumes for extra protein and fiber, and you have good bread substitutes with which you still get a lot of important nutrients.

Omelettes and pancakes

Another option is to have lunch with a big omelette, possibly with some meat or filled with a good portion of vegetables. Eggs include iodine, a mineral that many people normally take out of bread.

Those who prefer a sweet meal can also make delicious healthy pancakes from eggs , for example by mixing them with a mashed banana for a deliciously sweet and fiber-rich batter. Serve them with some fruit and you have a protein-rich bread substitute for a lazy Sunday!

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Gynecomastia is defined by the National Institute of Health as a benign growth of the gland tissue in the male breasts, usually caused by an increase in estrogen, a decrease in testosterone or the use of abundant medication. Gynecomastia can affect men of all ages, from children to adults.

Another type of breasts in men, in which we will focus on this article, is known as pseudo-gynecomastia and is caused by an excess of fat. This is the most common type and is usually seen in obese or overweight men. None should be cause for concern but, as you can imagine, the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance and being overweight are not positive and in both cases it is recommended to consult the doctor.

Although the term “male breasts” may seem funny, it is not so much for those who suffer it. It is always important to consider the feelings of the people.

If you have pseudoginecomastia or know someone who has it, here are some tips to increase muscle mass (especially the chest) to lose fat and minimize the appearance of breasts.



As we have already mentioned, by consulting with your doctor you will not lose anything. It is always good to do it before you start any diet or training regimen. Tell him what you are worried about and what his objectives are and ask him for his opinion on whether it is safe or not.

Tip: Ask your doctor about your hormone levels.


It is no secret that a balanced diet with a calorie deficit plays a crucial role in weight loss. The first step is to set a goal and start pointing what you eat with the Balance app . Many people are not aware of everything they eat, so keeping a meal diary can help you open your eyes. And you may also want to reduce the consumption of these 5 food groups if you want to lose weight .

Tip: It may take you a week or two to get used to pointing out what you eat, but do not give up. Soon you will become an expert in calculating portions by eye . And do not forget the importance of pre and probiotics to have good intestinal health.


Training with your own weight is incredible because there are lots of exercises that activate several muscle groups, which causes you to burn more calories . Yes, push-ups are an excellent example of exercise with your own weight for the pectorals . But did you know that push-ups also work the arms, shoulders, back and core and that they require the activation of the buttocks and legs?

Tip: The more you separate your hands when flexing, the more you work on the chest. And you do not have to go very fast. Play with the rhythms and try to do some slowly. Do you notice how it burns you?


You’ll have to focus on building muscle mass rather than doing cardio to burn fat. In addition, muscle mass is a tissue that requires a lot of energy, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn while at rest. Exercises such as chest press and chest chest cable are a great example of exercise to build muscle in the pectorals.

Tip: Do not focus only on doing exercises for the pectorals. Training the whole body is the key to burning fat. In addition, exercise can increase testosterone levels in men that, among other things, helps you build and maintain muscle mass .


This depends on how much fatty tissue you have and the elasticity of your skin. It may be that after losing weight you completely get rid of the breasts. But it could also be the case that losing fat, you also have to lose skin. Although there are surgical procedures to remove excess skin after losing weight , you should congratulate yourself first for having achieved it! Losing weight is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment with yourself and your health. However, if you have a lot of excess skin, the final decision will be yours alone.

As you can see, in the case of pseudo-gynecomastia, increasing activity and debugging your diet can lead you to lose weight and get rid of male breasts.

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What is hemorrhoids: general information about the disease.

Hemorrhoids called acute inflammatory disease characterized by varicose hemorrhoidal veins of the anus with a further loss rectum. Disease is in many cases brings a lot of discomfort for the patient, the most important of which are constant burning, itching, discomfort in the anal canal.

In case of further progression hemorrhoids without the required medical treatment can complications original, namely red blood cells periodically bleeding, which sometimes greatly strengthens depending on the stage of the disease to develop.

In most cases, hemorrhoids fast enough complicated by a significant increase in hemorrhoidal veins (due to inflammation) leading to the infringement, as well as further thrombosis, which is very dangerous for the organism. Prolonged progression of chronic hemorrhoids can cause infection in the anal passage with the occurrence of severe inflammatory complications (severe bleeding, abscess).

The disease can be acute or chronic, which differ in the duration and nature of the course.

There are 4 stages of progression of hemorrhoids:

1 tbsp. – manifests a slight itching or burning sensation in the anal area, the patient may have a slight scarring in the blood;
2 tbsp. – accompanied by precipitation of the obtained bleeding sites, since there is discomfort, pain and a burning sensation in the anal canal. In the process of feces (faeces), there is a fairly strong bleeding;
3 tbsp. – loss of hemorrhoids that spontaneously reposition during the stool and during physical strain strong pain in the anal canal, recurrent, excessive bleeding, severe itching, pain;
4 tbsp. – the constant loss of hemorrhoids with the impossibility of their correction. The most dangerous stage of hemorrhoids, which requires qualified medical treatment.

To start treatment of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to prevent the further transition in more serious stages as soon as possible. Treatment of the disease is mainly performed medication therapy at home using painkillers, hemostatic, inflammatory and thrombolytic drug groups. Most effective today are topical application of anti-inflammatory suppositories (Relief, metilurotsil) that help quickly remove inflammatory process , as well as relieve pain and burn in the anal area. Moreover, the drugs have a pronounced blood-restoring effect in the fight against bleeding.

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The perfect breasts, according to research

What do the perfect breasts look like? Well, the ratio between the top and the bottom should be 45:55, which means that the bottom should be slightly fuller than the top. The nipples should point slightly upwards, with an angle of 20 degrees. how does breast enlargement cream work

The curve of the top should be slightly dented and the rounding of the bottom should be full and soft. At least, this appears from a large study by Curves N More comparing the natural breasts of a hundred topless models (not adapted by means of plastic surgery).

Fit and measure

In a new study, the most beautiful breast was re-examined. This study involved 1,315 men and women (660 women and 655 men), including 53 plastic surgeons (15 women and 38 men). The group was classified according to gender, age, nationality and ethnicity, so that the opinions of the various subgroups were comparable. There were people from Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. The ethnicity of the participants was Caucasian, Arabic, Asian and African.

Adopt digital photos

The participants were asked to look at digitally processed photographs of four different women, on which women always had different sizes and different shaped breasts – the ratio between the top and bottom of the breasts varied from 35:65, 45:55, 50 : 50, and 55:45. It was always a right breast, photographed in three-quarter profile. The participants always had to indicate which breast they found to be the most attractive and thereby give figures from 1 (most attractive) to 4 (least attractive).

The perfect chest

Again the 45:55 ratio turned out to be the most attractive – almost all participants opted for this ratio. The 50:50 ratio ended in second place. Of the participating women, the vast majority also opted for this option, with the percentage slightly decreasing as the women surveyed were older. The participating men also found the 45:55 ratio the best, and there was hardly any difference between younger and older men.

The 50:50 ratio ended in second place with both men and women, with a slightly larger percentage of women choosing this ratio. The participating plastic surgeons almost unanimously chose the 45:55 ratio. Among the different ethnicities there was also little difference – here too the 45:55 ratio was the winner. Of the South Americans, 95 percent chose the option, of the Africans it was 76 percent.

Also Read: how does breast enlargement cream work?

Pure nature

It is remarkable that men in particular strongly prefer a naturally shaped breast with natural dimensions, while it is often assumed that men love huge fake breasts. It also appears that there is little mention of the fact that different cultures appreciate different forms of breasts – on the contrary, all participants from all cultures prefer the 45:55 ratio.

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Use Auto Injector For Allergic Reactions

People who dislike, for instance, wasp or bee stings or particular foods and who are at threat of a major allergy (an anaphylactic reaction) need to always bring an auto-injector or emergency situation pen with adrenaline (Epipen, Jext). to be able to inject yourself. An anaphylactic reaction is dangerous and can be deadly in the worst case.

Exactly what are the symptoms in an anaphylactic reaction?

– Itching, frequently with comprehensive inflammation of the skin and hives;

– Swelling, thickening of eyelids, lips, throat, hands or in other places;

– Intestinal grievances: pain, queasiness, throwing up, diarrhea;

– Breathing issues: chest pressure, wheezing, shortness of breath, blue lips, hoarseness, trouble in talking and swallowing;

– Dizziness, being less approachable, getting lost.

Exactly what should you do with an anaphylactic reaction?

With a minor response, ie if you just suffer from inflammation and itching, you can wait and see if you take an antihistamine tablet. That is a pill that lowers the allergic reaction. If in doubt, it is best to go to a doctor or emergency room as a safety measure.

In case of a severe reaction such as swelling of the throat or shortness of breath or the tendency to faint, utilize the emergency situation pin.

It might be that the reaction just happens after a couple of minutes. Always remove the protective cap from the pen and wait for any allergic reaction. If the reaction is restricted to the insertion website or if only your skin reacts, you do not need to utilize the emergency pen Then put the protective cap back on the pen.

As soon as the reaction spreads outside the skin, ie if there is obvious swelling of the throat or shortness of breath or a propensity to fainting, you must utilize the adrenaline auto-injector.

How does the emergency pen work?

The auto-injector consists of adrenaline (or epinephrine).

– Eliminate the safety cap.

– Place the pen with the side where the needle is, perpendicular to your thigh. If it can be done quickly, uncover thigh, if not through the clothes.

– Push the pen so that the needle ejects (‘click’) and keep the pen continued your leg for 10 seconds so that the adrenaline enters your body. This happens automatically.

– Pull the needle out perpendicularly and massage the spot for ten seconds.

– Warn your doctor as quickly as possible after usage or call 100 or 112. The impact of the syringe is just short-term, so you always have to be examined by a physician and potentially treated further.

If you utilize the adrenaline cars and truck/ injector incorrectly, so without an anaphylactic response, this is typically not an issue. You may experience palpitations and possible headaches for a couple of minutes, as if you were badly stunned.

The Epipen can just be utilized when. If the needle has come out in the pen, you should buy a new one.

The Epipen is just readily available if it has been recommended by your doctor or specialist.

Discover how to utilize the emergency pen.

You can ask your physician or pharmacist for an emergency pen fitness instructor. These workout pens (“Epipen Trainer” for Epipen ® and the “Jext Simulator” for Jext ®) include no needle or epinephrine, and can be bought complimentary of charge by the physician or pharmacist from Meda (“Epipen Trainer”), see www.medapharma.be) or the business ALK (“Jext Simulator”, see www.life-saver.org ).
With the fitness instructor you can practice to get experience, so that you can act quickly if required.

Likewise make certain that member of the family and, if possible, kids and other individuals directly involved can deal with the syringe.

Emergency pen: ways to utilize?

Location the pen with the side where the needle is, perpendicular to your thigh. If it can be done rapidly, reveal thigh, if not through the clothes. Push the pen so that the needle shoots out and keep the pen pressed on your leg for ten seconds so that the adrenaline enters your body. Again utilize Epipen if no improvement after 5 minutes.

Warn your physician as quickly as possible after use or call 100 or 112. The effect of the syringe is just temporary, so you constantly have to be examined by a medical professional and possibly dealt with further.

If you utilize the adrenaline cars and truck/ injector improperly, so without an anaphylactic response, then this is normally not a problem, you will discover that you will experience palpitations for a few minutes and possibly headaches, as if you were significantly surprised.

The Epipen can just be utilized once. If the needle has actually come out in the pen, you should acquire a new one. The Epipen is only offered if it has been prescribed by your physician or expert.

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Stop Your Belly Fat To Grow Again

The first sunbeams are there again, summertime holidays are booked and in the stores there is already a lot of spring & summertime collection! From February we see plastic visual surgeons that the need for liposculpture (or liposuction) is rising once again. And this is not unexpected naturally; eliminating excess fat cells through a narrow tube – and therefore through a narrow scar – is among the most popular aesthetic treatments at the moment. It is now known that it is not a method to lose weight which it takes in between 3 and 6 months on average before the outcome is clearly noticeable.

When are you a suitable candidate for liposuction?

Specifically if you are around your target weight and just have excess fat in specific locations. Preferred locations in ladies are the abdomen, hips and flanks and in the guys the abdominal area and flanks. With the stomach and flanks is in fact implied the ‘pool location’ that just above the belt. Your skin quality is definitive for the final result. It is plausible that extended skin (eg after a pregnancy or large weight fluctuations) reacts less well to liposuction. You can compare this with an empty balloon; if the volume vanishes, the skin should shrink perfectly and firmly. This can just occur if the skin is still elastic enough.

Prior to you select any treatment, you should constantly carefully examine by an experienced plastic aesthetic cosmetic surgeon and notify whether you desire a possible result. If the skin is too weak then a (mini) tummy tuck can be a better option for you. The scar on the lower abdominal area becomes as little noticeable as possible and is for that reason positioned as low as possible under the swimsuit line.

Nowadays there is increasing marketing for minimally intrusive techniques to obtain rid of fat. This describes treatments that do not leave scars which you do not have to or hardly have to repair. Heating of fat cells (read: lipo laser), freezing of fat cells (read: cryolipolysis) etc. It sounds too good to be real and oftentimes it holds true. The only sure method to obtain rid of your fat cells is to remove the cells by drawing them away. It is no myth that fat cells that are gone never ever returned; liposculpture is for that reason a treatment with a permanent result! 98% of the clients who have actually gone through liposuction in our center (Boerhaave Medical Center in Amsterdam) are satisfied with the treatment.

So, all winter difficult training however simply a little tummy? From 1 January your diet followed but the skirts from last season simply do not fit? Need a helping hand to be absolutely swimwear or swimwear all set? Then come and talk without responsibility about the possibilities and your personal treatment!

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