What is hemorrhoids: general information about the disease.

Hemorrhoids called acute inflammatory disease characterized by varicose hemorrhoidal veins of the anus with a further loss rectum. Disease is in many cases brings a lot of discomfort for the patient, the most important of which are constant burning, itching, discomfort in the anal canal.

In case of further progression hemorrhoids without the required medical treatment can complications original, namely red blood cells periodically bleeding, which sometimes greatly strengthens depending on the stage of the disease to develop.

In most cases, hemorrhoids fast enough complicated by a significant increase in hemorrhoidal veins (due to inflammation) leading to the infringement, as well as further thrombosis, which is very dangerous for the organism. Prolonged progression of chronic hemorrhoids can cause infection in the anal passage with the occurrence of severe inflammatory complications (severe bleeding, abscess).

The disease can be acute or chronic, which differ in the duration and nature of the course.

There are 4 stages of progression of hemorrhoids:

1 tbsp. – manifests a slight itching or burning sensation in the anal area, the patient may have a slight scarring in the blood;
2 tbsp. – accompanied by precipitation of the obtained bleeding sites, since there is discomfort, pain and a burning sensation in the anal canal. In the process of feces (faeces), there is a fairly strong bleeding;
3 tbsp. – loss of hemorrhoids that spontaneously reposition during the stool and during physical strain strong pain in the anal canal, recurrent, excessive bleeding, severe itching, pain;
4 tbsp. – the constant loss of hemorrhoids with the impossibility of their correction. The most dangerous stage of hemorrhoids, which requires qualified medical treatment.

To start treatment of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to prevent the further transition in more serious stages as soon as possible. Treatment of the disease is mainly performed medication therapy at home using painkillers, hemostatic, inflammatory and thrombolytic drug groups. Most effective today are topical application of anti-inflammatory suppositories (Relief, metilurotsil) that help quickly remove inflammatory process , as well as relieve pain and burn in the anal area. Moreover, the drugs have a pronounced blood-restoring effect in the fight against bleeding.

The perfect breasts, according to research

What do the perfect breasts look like? Well, the ratio between the top and the bottom should be 45:55, which means that the bottom should be slightly fuller than the top. The nipples should point slightly upwards, with an angle of 20 degrees.

The curve of the top should be slightly dented and the rounding of the bottom should be full and soft. At least, this appears from a large study by Curves N More comparing the natural breasts of a hundred topless models (not adapted by means of plastic surgery).

Fit and measure

In a new study, the most beautiful breast was re-examined. This study involved 1,315 men and women (660 women and 655 men), including 53 plastic surgeons (15 women and 38 men). The group was classified according to gender, age, nationality and ethnicity, so that the opinions of the various subgroups were comparable. There were people from Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. The ethnicity of the participants was Caucasian, Arabic, Asian and African.

Adopt digital photos

The participants were asked to look at digitally processed photographs of four different women, on which women always had different sizes and different shaped breasts – the ratio between the top and bottom of the breasts varied from 35:65, 45:55, 50 : 50, and 55:45. It was always a right breast, photographed in three-quarter profile. The participants always had to indicate which breast they found to be the most attractive and thereby give figures from 1 (most attractive) to 4 (least attractive).

The perfect chest

Again the 45:55 ratio turned out to be the most attractive – almost all participants opted for this ratio. The 50:50 ratio ended in second place. Of the participating women, the vast majority also opted for this option, with the percentage slightly decreasing as the women surveyed were older. The participating men also found the 45:55 ratio the best, and there was hardly any difference between younger and older men.

The 50:50 ratio ended in second place with both men and women, with a slightly larger percentage of women choosing this ratio. The participating plastic surgeons almost unanimously chose the 45:55 ratio. Among the different ethnicities there was also little difference – here too the 45:55 ratio was the winner. Of the South Americans, 95 percent chose the option, of the Africans it was 76 percent.

Pure nature

It is remarkable that men in particular strongly prefer a naturally shaped breast with natural dimensions, while it is often assumed that men love huge fake breasts. It also appears that there is little mention of the fact that different cultures appreciate different forms of breasts – on the contrary, all participants from all cultures prefer the 45:55 ratio.

Use Auto Injector For Allergic Reactions

People who dislike, for instance, wasp or bee stings or particular foods and who are at threat of a major allergy (an anaphylactic reaction) need to always bring an auto-injector or emergency situation pen with adrenaline (Epipen, Jext). to be able to inject yourself. An anaphylactic reaction is dangerous and can be deadly in the worst case.

Exactly what are the symptoms in an anaphylactic reaction?

– Itching, frequently with comprehensive inflammation of the skin and hives;

– Swelling, thickening of eyelids, lips, throat, hands or in other places;

– Intestinal grievances: pain, queasiness, throwing up, diarrhea;

– Breathing issues: chest pressure, wheezing, shortness of breath, blue lips, hoarseness, trouble in talking and swallowing;

– Dizziness, being less approachable, getting lost.

Exactly what should you do with an anaphylactic reaction?

With a minor response, ie if you just suffer from inflammation and itching, you can wait and see if you take an antihistamine tablet. That is a pill that lowers the allergic reaction. If in doubt, it is best to go to a doctor or emergency room as a safety measure.

In case of a severe reaction such as swelling of the throat or shortness of breath or the tendency to faint, utilize the emergency situation pin.

It might be that the reaction just happens after a couple of minutes. Always remove the protective cap from the pen and wait for any allergic reaction. If the reaction is restricted to the insertion website or if only your skin reacts, you do not need to utilize the emergency pen Then put the protective cap back on the pen.

As soon as the reaction spreads outside the skin, ie if there is obvious swelling of the throat or shortness of breath or a propensity to fainting, you must utilize the adrenaline auto-injector.

How does the emergency pen work?

The auto-injector consists of adrenaline (or epinephrine).

– Eliminate the safety cap.

– Place the pen with the side where the needle is, perpendicular to your thigh. If it can be done quickly, uncover thigh, if not through the clothes.

– Push the pen so that the needle ejects (‘click’) and keep the pen continued your leg for 10 seconds so that the adrenaline enters your body. This happens automatically.

– Pull the needle out perpendicularly and massage the spot for ten seconds.

– Warn your doctor as quickly as possible after usage or call 100 or 112. The impact of the syringe is just short-term, so you always have to be examined by a physician and potentially treated further.

If you utilize the adrenaline cars and truck/ injector incorrectly, so without an anaphylactic response, this is typically not an issue. You may experience palpitations and possible headaches for a couple of minutes, as if you were badly stunned.

The Epipen can just be utilized when. If the needle has come out in the pen, you should buy a new one.

The Epipen is just readily available if it has been recommended by your doctor or specialist.

Discover how to utilize the emergency pen.

You can ask your physician or pharmacist for an emergency pen fitness instructor. These workout pens (“Epipen Trainer” for Epipen ® and the “Jext Simulator” for Jext ®) include no needle or epinephrine, and can be bought complimentary of charge by the physician or pharmacist from Meda (“Epipen Trainer”), see www.medapharma.be) or the business ALK (“Jext Simulator”, see www.life-saver.org ).
With the fitness instructor you can practice to get experience, so that you can act quickly if required.

Likewise make certain that member of the family and, if possible, kids and other individuals directly involved can deal with the syringe.

Emergency pen: ways to utilize?

Location the pen with the side where the needle is, perpendicular to your thigh. If it can be done rapidly, reveal thigh, if not through the clothes. Push the pen so that the needle shoots out and keep the pen pressed on your leg for ten seconds so that the adrenaline enters your body. Again utilize Epipen if no improvement after 5 minutes.

Warn your physician as quickly as possible after use or call 100 or 112. The effect of the syringe is just temporary, so you constantly have to be examined by a medical professional and possibly dealt with further.

If you utilize the adrenaline cars and truck/ injector improperly, so without an anaphylactic response, then this is normally not a problem, you will discover that you will experience palpitations for a few minutes and possibly headaches, as if you were significantly surprised.

The Epipen can just be utilized once. If the needle has actually come out in the pen, you should acquire a new one. The Epipen is only offered if it has been prescribed by your physician or expert.

Stop Your Belly Fat To Grow Again

The first sunbeams are there again, summertime holidays are booked and in the stores there is already a lot of spring & summertime collection! From February we see plastic visual surgeons that the need for liposculpture (or liposuction) is rising once again. And this is not unexpected naturally; eliminating excess fat cells through a narrow tube – and therefore through a narrow scar – is among the most popular aesthetic treatments at the moment. It is now known that it is not a method to lose weight which it takes in between 3 and 6 months on average before the outcome is clearly noticeable.

When are you a suitable candidate for liposuction?

Specifically if you are around your target weight and just have excess fat in specific locations. Preferred locations in ladies are the abdomen, hips and flanks and in the guys the abdominal area and flanks. With the stomach and flanks is in fact implied the ‘pool location’ that just above the belt. Your skin quality is definitive for the final result. It is plausible that extended skin (eg after a pregnancy or large weight fluctuations) reacts less well to liposuction. You can compare this with an empty balloon; if the volume vanishes, the skin should shrink perfectly and firmly. This can just occur if the skin is still elastic enough.

Prior to you select any treatment, you should constantly carefully examine by an experienced plastic aesthetic cosmetic surgeon and notify whether you desire a possible result. If the skin is too weak then a (mini) tummy tuck can be a better option for you. The scar on the lower abdominal area becomes as little noticeable as possible and is for that reason positioned as low as possible under the swimsuit line.

Nowadays there is increasing marketing for minimally intrusive techniques to obtain rid of fat. This describes treatments that do not leave scars which you do not have to or hardly have to repair. Heating of fat cells (read: lipo laser), freezing of fat cells (read: cryolipolysis) etc. It sounds too good to be real and oftentimes it holds true. The only sure method to obtain rid of your fat cells is to remove the cells by drawing them away. It is no myth that fat cells that are gone never ever returned; liposculpture is for that reason a treatment with a permanent result! 98% of the clients who have actually gone through liposuction in our center (Boerhaave Medical Center in Amsterdam) are satisfied with the treatment.

So, all winter difficult training however simply a little tummy? From 1 January your diet followed but the skirts from last season simply do not fit? Need a helping hand to be absolutely swimwear or swimwear all set? Then come and talk without responsibility about the possibilities and your personal treatment!

Bacterial Skin Infection – All You Need To Know

When the skin is harmed, bacteria that are generally on the skin can permeate the skin and trigger inflammation there. This is called a bacterial skin infection. Currant beards (impetigo), boils (furuncles) and periwinkles (erysipelas) are well-known examples of bacterial skin infections.


There are bacteria on the skin of guy. A few of these can make us sick; Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus are notorious causes of bacterial skin infections. Fortunately our skin normally uses resistance. Damage to the skin increases the threat of bacterial skin infection. Other general factors that can contribute to the advancement of a skin infection are lowered blood circulation, reduced general resistance and an increased variety of bacteria on the skin due to poor hygiene. A difference is made in between shallow and deep skin infections. Wondros is an example of a deep skin infection. In case of a deep skin infection, the skin and also the layer is right away fired up. Deep skin infections frequently work together with high fever, discomfort and general malaise.

What does a skin infection appear like?

The swollen skin is painful, thick, warm and red. With currant beard, the location around the mouth is often affected. Wondros is frequently on the leg. You might have a fever.

The treatment

Shallow skin infections are dealt with by the general practitioner with general rules and, if required, an anti-bacterial ointment or cream. In case of inadequate outcomes, an oral antibiotic (taken by mouth) may be essential. An antibiotic is constantly offered for deep skin infections; orally or in severe cases with an injection directly into the vein (intravenously). (Bed) rest promotes healing.

Tips for a skin infection
Touch the impacted skin as low as possible.
Wash your hands frequently with soap.
Keep the nails short.
Constantly utilize a tidy towel.
Decontaminate injuries carefully.
Location the pertinent part of the body high.
If needed, cool the skin with wet, cold compresses.

Disinfectant on the skin

Disinfectants destroy the cell wall of bacteria, causing them to die. You can use them on the skin to disinfect gently infected scrapes or cuts. They are also utilized to prevent the development of an infection and, for example, to decontaminate the hands. Examples are chlorhexidine (HibiScrub, Dettol Sterilon) and chloroxylenol (Dettol).