What do the perfect breasts look like? Well, the ratio between the top and the bottom should be 45:55, which means that the bottom should be slightly fuller than the top. The nipples should point slightly upwards, with an angle of 20 degrees. how does breast enlargement cream work

The curve of the top should be slightly dented and the rounding of the bottom should be full and soft. At least, this appears from a large study by Curves N More comparing the natural breasts of a hundred topless models (not adapted by means of plastic surgery).

Fit and measure

In a new study, the most beautiful breast was re-examined. This study involved 1,315 men and women (660 women and 655 men), including 53 plastic surgeons (15 women and 38 men). The group was classified according to gender, age, nationality and ethnicity, so that the opinions of the various subgroups were comparable. There were people from Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. The ethnicity of the participants was Caucasian, Arabic, Asian and African.

Adopt digital photos

The participants were asked to look at digitally processed photographs of four different women, on which women always had different sizes and different shaped breasts – the ratio between the top and bottom of the breasts varied from 35:65, 45:55, 50 : 50, and 55:45. It was always a right breast, photographed in three-quarter profile. The participants always had to indicate which breast they found to be the most attractive and thereby give figures from 1 (most attractive) to 4 (least attractive).

The perfect chest

Again the 45:55 ratio turned out to be the most attractive – almost all participants opted for this ratio. The 50:50 ratio ended in second place. Of the participating women, the vast majority also opted for this option, with the percentage slightly decreasing as the women surveyed were older. The participating men also found the 45:55 ratio the best, and there was hardly any difference between younger and older men.

The 50:50 ratio ended in second place with both men and women, with a slightly larger percentage of women choosing this ratio. The participating plastic surgeons almost unanimously chose the 45:55 ratio. Among the different ethnicities there was also little difference – here too the 45:55 ratio was the winner. Of the South Americans, 95 percent chose the option, of the Africans it was 76 percent.

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Pure nature

It is remarkable that men in particular strongly prefer a naturally shaped breast with natural dimensions, while it is often assumed that men love huge fake breasts. It also appears that there is little mention of the fact that different cultures appreciate different forms of breasts – on the contrary, all participants from all cultures prefer the 45:55 ratio.