Hemorrhoids called acute inflammatory disease characterized by varicose hemorrhoidal veins of the anus with a further loss rectum. Disease is in many cases brings a lot of discomfort for the patient, the most important of which are constant burning, itching, discomfort in the anal canal.

In case of further progression hemorrhoids without the required medical treatment can complications original, namely red blood cells periodically bleeding, which sometimes greatly strengthens depending on the stage of the disease to develop.

In most cases, hemorrhoids fast enough complicated by a significant increase in hemorrhoidal veins (due to inflammation) leading to the infringement, as well as further thrombosis, which is very dangerous for the organism. Prolonged progression of chronic hemorrhoids can cause infection in the anal passage with the occurrence of severe inflammatory complications (severe bleeding, abscess).

The disease can be acute or chronic, which differ in the duration and nature of the course.

There are 4 stages of progression of hemorrhoids:

1 tbsp. – manifests a slight itching or burning sensation in the anal area, the patient may have a slight scarring in the blood;
2 tbsp. – accompanied by precipitation of the obtained bleeding sites, since there is discomfort, pain and a burning sensation in the anal canal. In the process of feces (faeces), there is a fairly strong bleeding;
3 tbsp. – loss of hemorrhoids that spontaneously reposition during the stool and during physical strain strong pain in the anal canal, recurrent, excessive bleeding, severe itching, pain;
4 tbsp. – the constant loss of hemorrhoids with the impossibility of their correction. The most dangerous stage of hemorrhoids, which requires qualified medical treatment.

To start treatment of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to prevent the further transition in more serious stages as soon as possible. Treatment of the disease is mainly performed medication therapy at home using painkillers, hemostatic, inflammatory and thrombolytic drug groups. Most effective today are topical application of anti-inflammatory suppositories (Relief, metilurotsil) that help quickly remove inflammatory process , as well as relieve pain and burn in the anal area. Moreover, the drugs have a pronounced blood-restoring effect in the fight against bleeding.