The first sunbeams are there again, summertime holidays are booked and in the stores there is already a lot of spring & summertime collection! From February we see plastic visual surgeons that the need for liposculpture (or liposuction) is rising once again. And this is not unexpected naturally; eliminating excess fat cells through a narrow tube – and therefore through a narrow scar – is among the most popular aesthetic treatments at the moment. It is now known that it is not a method to lose weight which it takes in between 3 and 6 months on average before the outcome is clearly noticeable.

When are you a suitable candidate for liposuction?

Specifically if you are around your target weight and just have excess fat in specific locations. Preferred locations in ladies are the abdomen, hips and flanks and in the guys the abdominal area and flanks. With the stomach and flanks is in fact implied the ‘pool location’ that just above the belt. Your skin quality is definitive for the final result. It is plausible that extended skin (eg after a pregnancy or large weight fluctuations) reacts less well to liposuction. You can compare this with an empty balloon; if the volume vanishes, the skin should shrink perfectly and firmly. This can just occur if the skin is still elastic enough.

Prior to you select any treatment, you should constantly carefully examine by an experienced plastic aesthetic cosmetic surgeon and notify whether you desire a possible result. If the skin is too weak then a (mini) tummy tuck can be a better option for you. The scar on the lower abdominal area becomes as little noticeable as possible and is for that reason positioned as low as possible under the swimsuit line.

Nowadays there is increasing marketing for minimally intrusive techniques to obtain rid of fat. This describes treatments that do not leave scars which you do not have to or hardly have to repair. Heating of fat cells (read: lipo laser), freezing of fat cells (read: cryolipolysis) etc. It sounds too good to be real and oftentimes it holds true. The only sure method to obtain rid of your fat cells is to remove the cells by drawing them away. It is no myth that fat cells that are gone never ever returned; liposculpture is for that reason a treatment with a permanent result! 98% of the clients who have actually gone through liposuction in our center (Boerhaave Medical Center in Amsterdam) are satisfied with the treatment.

So, all winter difficult training however simply a little tummy? From 1 January your diet followed but the skirts from last season simply do not fit? Need a helping hand to be absolutely swimwear or swimwear all set? Then come and talk without responsibility about the possibilities and your personal treatment!