More and more people eat less bread or even try to get rid of it. That can be a very healthy choice, but often it is a matter of puzzling to think about what you will eat as a substitute for bread !

Moreover, it is important to remember that bread does indeed produce healthy substances. You will have to get it from somewhere else now. Do you eat less bread and wonder what the best bread substitutes are? Then we have a few delicious and healthy suggestions for you today!

Why not bread?

Bread is certainly not always an unhealthy choice, let’s put that first. When you choose bread for wholemeal bread, preferably organic , it can be a part of a healthy diet , especially if you do not eat too much. Why do many people choose to delete it from their diet?

First of all, it is a quick way to significantly reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet if you want to start eating relatively more proteins and fats . In addition, many people are hypersensitive to wheat: for example, they get a bloated stomach or an irritated skin. Do you recognize these complaints? Less agree with bread and see what effect this has on your body.

Healthy bread substitutes

When you want to replace bread with other foods, it is important to know what is actually all about useful substances in bread. After all, it is the intention that you can get those nutrients from elsewhere in the future!

Wholemeal bread provides especially useful fiber that ensures that your blood sugar remains stable. The advice is to get about 30-40 grams of fiber daily. Fibers are found in fruits and vegetables , legumes , but also in chia seeds and linseed .

In addition, bread contains various B vitamins and some important materials, such as sodium , iodine , potassium and iron . Finally, there is folic acid , which keeps your blood healthy and is especially important for pregnant women. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of folic acid , when you eat less bread, it is wise to at least eat enough of it.

Other cereals

A relatively simple way to keep fibers and minerals in is by switching to other grains that you may be less sensitive to. Other types of bread such as rye bread and spelled bread can be an option, but pay attention to the ingredients: often a large part of the product still consists of wheat, because that is a cheaper option.

You can also choose oatmeal , a very suitable bread substitute, or brinta that also contains a lot of fiber. Note: if you specifically eat less bread to get less carbohydrates, these alternatives are not a very good choice. All cereals still contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Soups and salads

Bread substitutes that are very suitable for lunch are meals that mainly consist of vegetables . In addition, salads and soups are especially useful. They are quick to prepare and easy to take to for example work or college. Vegetables deliver a lot of fiber, which you, as said, desperately need when you eat less bread.

In addition, the dark green leafy vegetables are actually vitamin and mineral bombs, and in fact all vegetables produce even more healthy substances than bread would. Add, for example, legumes for extra protein and fiber, and you have good bread substitutes with which you still get a lot of important nutrients.

Omelettes and pancakes

Another option is to have lunch with a big omelette, possibly with some meat or filled with a good portion of vegetables. Eggs include iodine, a mineral that many people normally take out of bread.

Those who prefer a sweet meal can also make delicious healthy pancakes from eggs , for example by mixing them with a mashed banana for a deliciously sweet and fiber-rich batter. Serve them with some fruit and you have a protein-rich bread substitute for a lazy Sunday!